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employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> i don't know. [ indiscernible ] >> not that i'm aware of. [ indiscernible ] >> no, we've -- in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly and many people come in, there's always chaos in any type of event like this and always the -- everybody is always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. as we stand here now, there's only one individual responsible for this as we know as the active -- as that active shooter in our terminal. i want to follow up a little bit on what the mayor said regarding the officers that went in after this individual. this individual was shooting as he went into the -- into the terminal. the officers didn't -- i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual and they confronted this individual in our airport. and unfortunately, it involved an officer-involved shooting but that's what needed to be done and that was heroic. we practiced to this not more than three weeks ago. we took everyone of our officers parks trol officers and couple hundred officers from the los ang
, an obama slingshot where the pulling back and off it goes. i don't see how it can get an awful lot worse. i think he may be bottoming out here. you're absolutely right about the trust factor and that it -- if you like your health plan you can keep it and period, that has done him some kind of nixonyan levels of damage. that story isn't going to last forever any more than the shutdown story lasted forever. nothing around politics seems to last forever. but how can it get worse? well, one way they could miss that end of this month deadline, which they inhe have itably will arguably, it will be possible to argue there will be people that are still having trouble. but as obama care kicks in and gradually over months, that will be a story and you'll see obama start to come up a little bit. >> it has to happen for obama to hand it off to another democrat next time. >> rick, to that point of obama care kicking in and hopefully the president coming back, another issue we're starting to hear more about again, the controversy over the requirement that health insurance companies provide access to birt
plans that don't meet the new requirements under obama care. the president's proposal is a lot more limited. and there's something to what the white house is saying about how, yes, this will have impacts on the insurance market. there are good reasons why insurers are displeased about it. but the effects are likely to be fairly limited over the long term, partly because this is only supposed to go for one year, although who knows what will happen at the end of 2014 if we do this and people say, well, i still don't want to lose my plan. it's a very key thing that only people on the existing plans can stay on them. there's a lot of what they call churn in the individual insurance market. people change plans a lot. if you say you can stay on the same plan that you were on as of 2013, most people, for one reason or another, they have a change in an employment situation, move to a new state, will have a reason they want to change to a new plan. eventually people should get into the new exchanges and out of the old plans. >> i get kind of the key difference here that you're pointing out i
is the website itself -- of course the obama administration saying, if you don't like your plan, go on the website and see what else is out there. there have been so many glitches that has been touch for folks to do and tough for people to enroll as we know. the administration saying they will have the website functioning smoothly for a majority of americans by the end of the month. a lot of tech experts are skeptical about that, whether or not they'll be able to meet that deadline. i spoke to a senior administration official who said the website continues to improve the speed of it increasing and the number of errors declining. so they are standing by that deadline but that's the other big question mark, whether or not the website will be working. again, what is expected to be a tense meeting get under way here at the white house. >> that sounds great. kristen welker at the white house. thanks very much. let's go to alex and of steve cornacki show fame. we have a rush of plans from the executive branch from the senate and house and both sides of the aisle, if you like your crappy h
of the case. in a separate bin. that is something that my pet peeve, people don't remember to do that. and shoes off unless you're under 12, over 75, in the military or part of global entry program. and keep the line moving, that's the key. being swift and get yourself through. >> if you travel all the time and not part of the tsa precheck they they want people to be a part of, you're an amateur. i've joined that thing. you don't have to take off your shoes and get undressed. it is a beautiful thing. you feel so much more relaxed. >> i scoped out tsa precheck lines at laguardia and they were flying through. >> i'll be there in a few hours, positive news. >> christmas is just around the corner. there have to be lessons we're learning from thanksgiving. people should start planning now for the christmas holiday. >> our travelocity showed last week was the last time best tim for the holidays. go online and book your holiday travel. but there are key learnings that we've taken from thanksgiving. first of all, extra time, extra time. two hours, even though you're the best person and can re
is december 4th. don't miss it. this holiday season many home santa will bring them a job. it's the first friday of the month so it's jobs report friday, despite the october shutdown that delayed the last report, the economy added a net gain of 204,000 jobs. the official unemployment rate ticked up one tenth of a percent, not too bad considering 440,000 furloughed workers were counted among the rolls. i need somebody to explain why that happened. the participation rate dropped again, more and more americans are giving up hope of finding a quality job. president obama today in the big easy saying more u.s. exports means more u.s. jobs. >> in so many ways this port is representative of what ports all around the country do, they help to keep our economy going. moving products, moving -- moving people, making sure that businesses are working, growing our economy, creating new jobs and helping middle class families regain a sense of stability and security. so they can find good jobs and make sure their kids are doing better than they did. that's always been what america is about. but for too m
trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it feels wonderful. i don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>> breaking news about one of the most powerful storms in history. super typhoon gave damage so severe and widespread we're only now getting an accurate picture of what happened. the images like apocalyptic. basic infrom structure obliterated and corpses lining the streets. expected to top 10,000 souls. survivors as looking like zombies emerging from the debris in dice belief. 4.5 million people have been affected. food, clean water, and medicine and security and the spread of disease. as much as 600,000 displace the philippine knows are at risk. grocery stores, anywhere they might find supplies few you are looting but the vast majority of looking for staples they need to survive. international aid rushes in on this veterans day, 90 u.s. marines and sailors in t philippines. another tropical depression is expected to hit the philippines later this week and that's putting additional pressure on rescue teams and aid workers, ian
is still being built. we're talking the payment and accounting portions of the site, which don't need to be operational until 2014. but still, john, this suggests a problem that won't be fixed any time soon. why no listen to experts say let's press the pause button until we get things up and running properly. that seems like the rational thing to do. >> it does on one side. but it does create a whole series of policy problems if you create a six-month or year-long delay and sort of allow this process to go forward, there are serious policy implications that come along with it. politically the white house also wants to muscle through this as hard as they can to try to get past it. they don't want to have this thing come back and bite them in the butt again in three months or four months. i think they are trying to not have that linger. >> look, they've had a conservative opposition that was more cooperative, just relatively cooperative, then they could talk about maybe delaying, but we have this defund fantasy caucus, any delay leads you defunding and leads you trying to end the law. i
is drastically mispriced like this, why don't the investment bankers involved in the pricing all get fired? josh, what's going on here? >> well, so the twitter ipo is priced at $26 a share, which is the price the insiders who got early access to the shares paid. all of the sudden today it's trading around $45 a share. that means the insiders at twitter who sold about 10% of the company got $1.8 billion for something the stock market is now saying is worth more than $3 billion. that's $1 billion that the people who own twitter just lost. these ipos are supposed to be set up so that the price pops a little bit on the day that the stock is introduced. you need to give the insider buyers who are taking all this time to learn about a new company to give them an incentive to do that. you want the price to go up 10% or 15. . you don't want it to go up 73%. when this happens, everybody gets overjoyed. they're like, wow, this ipo was great. when facebook had its ipo and the stock struggled to hold the price at which it was offered, people talk about that like it was a disaster. actually, the facebook ins
's going to be a very fascinating political story that now we don't have the answer to. and obviously, if it gets to the president's desk, can he afford to veto it? he probably will want to in his second term but that's what to look at. will they get it through and what does it mean for obama and other countries involved? >> that's a great point. good to see you, luke. >> be well. >> now joining us jonathan allen. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> doing well. let's start with that one wing out of the three. the bad cop caucus. there's an argument here that luke was just alluding to that they can play a constructive role and the president can say, i want a deal but i have hard liners in congress there are going to be more sanctions and tougher sanctions if we don't get a real package and that could be useful for our american interests. there's also an argument they won't be a bad cop but a stupid cop and force the president's hand at a time when this is delicate. >> congress always goes to the same tool when it comes to sanctions and that's a hammer. they are not really big on
're hearing from republican leaders in congress that they don't want another shutdown, they don't think we're going to have one. they said that before the last shutdown. it's possible that will draw attention. before that, health care is the most important economic issue that the president really has a lot of direct control over. there are other important issues in the economy but the president can give speeches, can't do a lot day to day that affects job creation. we can ask him about he's working on day to day, what's going on with health care website, what's going on with health insurance premiums, how can the rollout be improved? >> but you can't separate economic issues and immigration reform. that's an area with massive positives impact on the economy, fairly quickly. 11 million folks suddenly make more money, they pay more in income tax and become even better consumers than they already are. 75% of them will now pay a lot more in revenue. that is an area that we can very quickly see a great economic bump. >> i think there's that and also another component of comprehensive immigratio
his brand. what people like about him, even if you don't like his policies, there's a perception he tells you like it is and he's honest. if he tried to sort of dance around these issues it would hurt him tremendously. the model i think that they are looking at is the george bush model. george bush won when he was governing running for re-election, two years before he ran for presidency, he ran up the score and touted his accomplishments and in 2000 ran as a nags nal conservative and pushed back against what was the perception around the extreme republican wing in congress. people don't remember that about george bush now because we think of him as a conservative. but he tried to run not quite as a moderate but compassionate conservative. there's a path for chris christie to try to do the same thing. he's clearly setting up that narrative now in contrast to what's happening in virginia, that he's the kind of republican to appeal to democrats and independents. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i think of george w. bush as a huge moderate, big spanking -- compassionate -- >>
? >> reporter: no question, tour'e, always good to talk to you. what we hear and see is shock. people still don't understand what happened here. this splintered wood and twisted metal. these pieces of people's lives scattered for miles right now. some moving into the neighborhoods for the first time within the last hour. let's push through some of this debris and you'll get a look at now poring through what's left of their homes and community, searching for anything that may represent their life, but when you see the magnitude, the intensity of what's happened here, you begin to understand it's going to be very difficult to come by. we now know at least eight people are dead, six victims killed during storms here in central illinois, two in michigan. dozens have been injured. thousands still without power right now. teams are continuing to move into some of the hardest hit areas like this one. poring through this debris and rubble. there is concern, tour'e that more victims can be found before all of this is over. this shock and lot of victims still not able to get their heads around what has h
everything. i don't know if that's what they're telling new senate staffers nowadays but it's broken down. so depending on the historical arc you look at, howard, it seems to change the nature of the democracy because it was relatively majority on most thing, then a super majority and now the big news on nominations for this president which were at an all time high of obstruction were back to majority rule. >> i think that's right, ari. things have gotten to the point, still on many other things if not most things, that it takes 60 votes to do anything in the senate. which is a perversion of the senate rules in and of itself, you're absolutely right. and it's just a fact that the republicans were insisting on this for every practically if not all federal judicial nominations by president obama, that it triggered the anger of the democrats enough to take what for them was a very major step. and the fact that senator pat leahy was in the chair doing it was significant because leahy is the longest serving democratic senator, he's known as a proponent of tradition in the senate. the fact he was t
, here you have 20 democratic senators up for re-election in 2014 and if things don't start picking up on obama care, that could very well be their achilles' heel. >> it could be. luckily for the democrats, this is a moment in time. if we looked at this a month ago or so, when the shutdown happened, it looked like it would be a disastrous year for the republicans now it looks like it will be a disaster year for the democrats. this could flip back and forth many times between now and then. the problem is it's become sort of a self-fulfilling thing here, people are seeing these numbers are terrible, persuade more people from signing up and then it becomes more of a fundamental problem with the structure of obama care. that's the danger right now, this could sort of snowball. >> we're far away from the snowball, let's move on to talking about 2016. we have the new poll from nbc -- >> until 2016. >> thank you for clarifying. >> live fact checking, thank you very much, krystal ball. hillary is up on chris christie 44 to 34. why spend the $2 plus billion to do this thing, just give her the p
-- >> let me write that down. >> i don't know we should say because christie is doing well, not very strong democrat, that he'll do that well in 2016 against hillary clinton who is much stronger and has much higher approval ratings. we shouldn't read too much from christie's look into tomorrow into three years down the road when he's facing much stronger competition. >> it's hard to project but there's a lot of discussion also about the black electorate being loyal to president obama, snl had fun with that this weekend. >> it's been a difficult month for the president. the most recent gal up poll puts his approval rating and perhaps the most troubling number, his approval rating with black voters has dropped to a startling 93.6%. >> they go on to talk about things that would still leave black voters backing this president, even if he put christian on his dream team and that kind of stuff. it's funny, also great to see kerrie washington hosting on a show that had trouble hiring black women. a lot of issues aired out that night. they got the numbers a little wrong. speak to the fact when you
, like eating chocolate cake for breakfast which i don't understand because i do that all the time. >> sounds great. >> what does that say to you, if anything? >> it says something about the particulars of his constituency that he's got a large constituency of people who could benefit from the medicaid expansion. >> and as loi the republicans do. >> especially in the deep south, texas, who have people who can benefit and they are fighting against expanding. >> yeah and i think as the rollout continues particularly if it i mproves that that tensin is going to get more severe. you'll see it from statewide already elected republicans. the kentucky exchanges perhaps the best functioning exchange in the whole country and mitch mcconnell is in cycle, leader of the party and supports full repeal of obama care. will that be the case come january, february march if you have few hundred,000 new enroll ees and people benefitting from medicaid in kentucky, will he run on a get rid of the whole law platform? >> agree with your these sis of your reporting, the politics of this are not as seismic
a motorcade drive through downtown dallas. >> for so many americans who don't have a living memory, help us understand how the nation reacted? >> well, i was just as i was watching that, that was the first time the american people had heard the announcement that a president was dead and they were hearing it on television, not first time they heard the announcement, when fdr died it was on the radio. but what connected kennedy and made this such a memorable event is that people felt a familiarity with him as a person because he had been in their living room every night on television for the last three years, television was a phenomenon in america on a network basis. i remember i didn't get the first television set until i was 15, 1955. by 1963 it was not that much longer, most homes had a black and white television set, bars were beginning to have them and people felt connected to him through television. he was perfectly cast for the media. he was great looking and knew how to use it. he had a wicked wit about him when he needed it. his dad was in the marketing business and he knew about mar
don't even have insurance for our daughter who has a preexisting condition. >> $95 fine which a lot of young people will take in order to avoid prison time or whatever ramifications. >> lennon said socialized medicine is the keystone of the arch to the socialist state. >> obama care is really, i think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. t humana, understanding what makes you different is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana. an important message for an important message for americans eligible for medicare. the annual enrollment period is now open. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)